Sun Pictures grand Sarkar all set for Diwali but with a Case in Madras High court. Varun Ravichandran filed a case against Director AR Murugadoss and claimed that Story of Sarkar is stolen from his Movie Sengol which was registered in 2011. High court order SIFWA to check with story lines of both movies. President of SIFWA in a press note stated that both storylines are same.

In response to K. Bhagyaraj’s statement ARM today in an Interview expressed his views. ARM claims that K. Bhagyaraj read the only synopsis of Sarkar movie, not the Bounded scripts. ARM is sure that Bhagyaraj has not read the bounded script because ARM has not submitted the bounded script.

Bhagyaraj not willing to watch Sarkar

ARM was ready to show Sarkar movie to SIFWA but they are not ready to watch the movie and they even not read full script of the movie.

Common thing Sarkar and Sengol

As per SIFWA the common factor between Sarkar and Sengol is hero’s vote was cast by someone else and hero turns against them.

What do Majority SIFWA members say?

6 member expressed both stories are different. 5 members expressed stories are same. 2 other doesn’t want to answer. ARM is confused why Bhagyaraj released such statement when majority members say stories are not same.

Relationship with ARM and Varun

ARM said he ‘ve never met Varun. Varun claims that he shared storylines with his friend Suriya Kiran. Stills Vijay is a Friend of Suriya Kiran and also works as a Still cameraman in ARM movies. It’s to be noted Both Suriya Kiran and Varun Rajendran worked with K. Bhagyaraj.

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