Aquaman a DC comic based movie which narrates the origin of Aquaman. Arthur who born for for the princess of Atlantis Atlanta and Light house keeper Thomas curry. At one point Atlanta have to return to Atlantis but Atlanteans couldn’t accept Arthur because he’s half human and was expelled from Atlantis. Arthur confronts a group of pirates attempting to hijack a nuke submarine. Leader of the group Jesse dies during the confront tries to take a revenge on Arthur. Atlantis king tries to initiate a war on surface what happens rest is the story.

CGI were amazing good. Jason took a bold choice of choosing aquaman than flash. Movie is one of the best in the Justice league series other than Batman and Superman. There was a post credit scene that would amaze every audience. David is rescued by Dr. Stephen Shin, a scientist obsessed with finding Atlantis, and agree to lead Shin there in exchange for his help to kill Arthur.

DC planning to make more movies in the justice league list. It’s better not to miss any movies. Aquaman receives mixed reviews are received but it’s an better than bad.

Rating 3.25/5.00

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