According to the latest analysis report shared by analytical agency anveshi Jain is one among the top 5 most google searched women in India. She was search around 20 million times in desktop alone about 10 million times in smartphones. Total she was searched more than 30 million times.

Her Instagram followers raised from 18 K to 724 K. Anveshi become social media sensation in recent times. She’s not just model but also and actress International host and a blogger. Hosted so many corporate events campus events private parties and weddings more than thousand events hosted by her.

She was born in June 24 in Bhopal Madhya Pradesh. I have completed electrical and electronic engineering and started her career as an electrical engineer. She moved to Mumbai start her own business.

Later then open media and become famous after Baap of social service(BOSS). Famous comedian people after 2019 after have performance in TV show Gandi Baat 2. Her bold scenes with Flora become sensational hit. Selected and become most searched Googled women of the Year.

Anveshi Jain stills

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