Ajith’s upcoming line-of-sight film is set to hit the screens on August 8.Producer Bonnie Kapoor has announced that he is planning to release live-action movie in China starring Ajith.

Amitabha Bachchan in Bollywood and Tapsee starring in the movie Pink is officially remade in Tamil movie. The movie is directed by Vinod and Ajith Kumar plays the lawyer. Vidya Balan acts opposite Ajith in the film. Rangaraj Pandey, Shraddha Srinath, Abhirami, Aadik Ravichandran and Delhi Ganesh have also played important roles.

The song and trailer of the film has been earlier and gets high response. Currently the film has received U / A certification.

Talking about the film, Producer Bonnie Kapoor said, “We have made some changes in Tamil based on Ajith. Director Vinod Ajith has made a great story with a mass image in mind. Aniruta Roy Chowdhury, director of the film Pink, said that it was interesting to see the Nerkonda Paarvai.

Indian films have good response in China. There are about 50,000 movie theaters in China. They expect good stories. He said that if everything goes well, there is a plan to release Nerkonda Paarvai in China

Unlike other countries its hard to hit the world’s largest market. China allows very limited number of foreign films. In 2017 it was 38 films only. Previously it was only 10 films per year. Now its is 38 per year unofficially. Hollywood has a 5 agreement with China for 25% movies.

Previously, Sridevi’s 2017 film MOM was released in China and was a huge success. The film grossed nearly 16 million. Bonnie Kapoor, who has already set foot in China with Mam, is reportedly planning to release the film in China.

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