Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, all state borders and airports are closed. Actor Ajith Kumar currently working for this film Valimai. The movie was progressing under the direction of H Vinoth. Currently, movie shooting is under Hyderabad Ramoji film city. It’s been said that Ajith Kumar stuck in Hyderabad after the lockdown imposed. In a recent photo that has been leaked in the internet states Actor, Ajith Kumar came to Tamilnadu in Special flight. This news surfaced on the internet after the pictures of Ajith Kumar in the Airport leaked. There are no authenticity of the information as well as the photos.

Meanwhile Ajith Kumar’s Team Dhaksha, the researchers’ team from the IIT Madras has been using drones to disinfect public places to contain the spread of the global coronavirus pandemic.

“Now, we are working in collaboration with the state government to spray disinfectants, especially where human accessibility is difficult. For this purpose, we’ve modified the drones with special nozzles to spray disinfectants. These drones are flown using petrol and can be continuously flown throughout the day. On Saturday, we covered around 3 lakh/sqm and sprayed almost 900 liters of disinfectant,” a team member told TOI.

“Whenever Ajith is here in the city and free, he comes as a technical advisor. He might join us on this project as well if he’s free. Whenever he goes abroad, he manages to gather information on developments in the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) field and shares them with us. Recently, we developed drone taxi and he contributed a lot in its development,” the team member told about Ajith.

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