Ajith takes a bold move once again. High rated star in South India Actor Ajith Kumar made a unexpected performance in NerKondaPaarvai. Movie is completely opposite storyline of his previous movie. Nerkonda Paarvai is not a Ajith movie. To enlighten the social message conveyed in the movie Ajith also part of the movie.

Story is much need in the society nowadays. Even the reviewers on the movie started to point mistakes on women characters in the movie

Story plot

Shratha, Abirami and Andrea are enjoying their favorite life freely. After her live performance in a music festival girls met 3 boys in the concert. A guy among them is friend of Sharatha.

They both teams up and went to a resort to have dinner and boozing in the room. Athivk tried to misbehave to Sharatha. Then Shratha slaps him with a bottle and they get out. The victims are very large children.

So the women continue to give torture and molesting her, Ajith is watching the event accurately.When one day the case comes to the conclusion that Ajith himself will be taken care of, then how the women get justice.

Nerkonda Paarvai review

Ajith should be highly appreciated for his story selection. Yet heroines should be applauded for choosing such a story among the heroes to come to the same place as the woman.

Shraddha has done as much Tapssee. Vinoth is definitely one of the best director of Tamil cinema. Although the entire second half of the film is a courtroom drama, Vinoth goes as far as it can. But fans who are looking forward to the Mass may be a little disappointed that Ajith could be sprayed.

Ajith’s explanation in the climax about a motto called No Means No will surely be debated.

Though Yuvan’s music is not catchy, the image bears the backdrop, as well as the cinematography of Nirouwsha and the courtroom.

Rangaraj Pandey debut

Former Journalist Rangaraj Pandey made a descent performance. Though Rangaraj Pandey is not interested in film career he made a debut performance for Ajith. Rangaraj Pandey as opposition lawyer made to easily understand the role of the character. Pandey added a few flavours of humour in this role. At end of the court scene Pandey shakes hands with Ajith definitely Pandey suggested this scene. This well know face in Tamilnadu added value to the movie. Pandey scenes could have a added more outside the court scenes.

Classy Ajith Kumar

Movie begins with no Ultimate Star title its just Ajith Kumar. Though Movie is the official remake of Pink flavours for Ajith Kumar added. Park fight scenes, Carrage fight scene are mass enough for Ajith fans. Ajith bounds himself for the story no mass scenes like previous. A real applause should be given to Ajith fo choosing the story. A much needed story on women safety. Though Ajith Kumar is in the Top list Actor he chosen a very low budget movie for social message. Unlike making a high budget movie he prefers a low budget.

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