Ajithkumar’s ‘Pink’ film directed by Vinod was successful. After the film, Ajith Kumar will be seen in the movie ‘Valimai’.

Boniee kapoor is producing the movie ‘Valamao’. The shooting is taking place in Ramoji Rao movie city in Hyderabad. Action scenes are currently being filmed. Foreign stunt artists are filming scenes of conflict between Ajith and villains. The fight directors decided to use Dupe instead of Ajith as the fight scenes were dangerous.

But Ajith disagrees. Dube is starring himself in dangerous fight scenes without the actor. Boniee kapoor has already confirmed the role of Ajith Kumar in the film will be a Cop. There are reports that Venkat is acting as a villain.

The film crew has not yet announced who will be paired with Ajith in the film. Names such as Iliana, Yamigupta, Rakulpreet Singh and Parineeti Chopra are among the names. Supporters, actresses, and workers have been banned from using cell phones in the shooting area to prevent the appearance of footage and footage.