Airra a horror movie from Nayanthara. Nayanthara is the one among the few actress who completely does a stand alone movie without any lead heros as part of the movie. Its definitely Nayanthara who does lots of movies after Anushka Shetty. Her recent movies like Imaikka Nodiagal, Kolamavu Kokilla and Aaram are sensational hits in K’town. Airra is also one among them.

Movie Plot

Nayanthara works as a press reported who’s been rebuked by her chief wanted to cover a sensational news for her Youtube Channel in order to get popular in social media. Nayanthara plans to shoot horror video about Ghost which is not existing. She plans to shoot the movie in Bhoot Bungalow which is outside the town. Yogi Babu helps Nayanthara to film the ficitional horror video. The Bungalow they are planning to shoot is actually belongs to the Nayanthara’s grand mother’s which remains unknown to her.

Kalayarasan who is also part of the movie pairs with flash back Nayanthara who’s actually Nayanthara’s Grand Mother. Movie revolves on the Bunglow were Nayanthara shooting an horror video along with the flash back what happens to Nayanthara in past is the remaining story.

Movie Review

Nayanthara made a regular performance in the movie but also her performance in the flashback is the Showstealler in the movie. Flash part comes with grey shade as a double track in the movie. Yogi babu made a decent comedy show in the first half alone can be included in the second half also. Every horror movie requires stunning lighting and camera man probably the cameraman does his job so perfect. Movie Couldn’t to get as equal as Nayanthara’s previous standalone movies.

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