When High court orderes SIFWA to investigate the story lines of Sarkar and Sengol. K Bhagyaraj president of SIFWA found that both synopsis of the story lines are same with letter his statement made a sensation in K town. After lot of controversies there become a understanding between Varun Rajendran and AR Murugadoss.

After few days of judgment K. Bhagyaraj sends a resignation letter to SIFWA. In the letter K. Bhagyaraj quoted that ” I’ve been selected for this position unopposed. I’ve been working good and well until Sarkar issue comes up. Judgement was even discussed with all committee members. But there have been misunderstanding in the committee I believe it happens because of I ve been selected unopposed. So I want to face the election and I want all others to do so. ”

Manoj Kumar General Secretary of SIFWA said resignation was not accepted by the committee members.

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