Adanga Maru another usual cop based plot. Hero takes revenge on villains. Adanga Maru directed Karthick Thangavel. Jayam Ravi as a sincere cops suits than any other role. Jayam Ravi as a sincere IPS officer in Thani Oruvan’s miniature is Adanga Maru.

Adanga Maru Jayam Ravi a sincere SI in Tamilnadu who is also a sincere Civil service aspirant had to take a suicide case of a young girl. at one point Higher officials want Ravi to close the case. Later Ravi comes to know that it’s not actually a suicide its a murder done by a group of 4 young boys. Without any hesitation, Ravi made an arrest all the convicts are released from the custody. Convicts murders all the family members of Ravi and Ravi makes a clear plot to take revenge on them with the help of advanced technology.

The movie is another thriller cop movie. Though this is a usual template Director has done a great job in the screenplay. Raashi Kahnna doesn’t have any huge scope in the movie. The movie is worth watchable.

“Usual cop story but different perspective”

Rating: 3.00/5.00


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