The recently released monster movie Dhanush starring Vijaya Maran was a big hit. The film is being remade in other languages ​​as well.

Next up is Durai Senthil Kumar’s upcoming film ‘Pattas’. The film is set to hit the screens soon. Dhanush’s father plays the son of two. It is said that the father’s name is Pattas and is the title of the film.

After the update, Sneha has joined the film. Mehreen plays the heroine. Naveen Chandra also plays the main character.

The martial art used in the Chola period is used in the film. Action is being prepared as a romantic movie. After this film, Dhanush is currently working on a film directed by Karthik Subburaj. Preparing for action movie centered on dads.

Dhanush’s appearance in the film has been revealed. He plays with a long mustache.

Dhanush mustache like Rajinikanth with a long mustache in the film. This look has gone viral on the social website.