Dr Jerome Kim, the world’s most authoritative voice on vaccines, said that India has a huge role to play in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

About 70% of the vaccines used around the world for extended immunisation programmes are made in India,” Dr Kim told WION.

Nearly 2/3rd of the total patients have recovered. South Korea’s model is now considered the gold standard of fighting against the coronavirus.

Dr Jerome said that with 7 billion people in the world who should potentially be vaccinated, someone has to make the vaccine, make a lot of doses and make it quickly.

“About 70% of the vaccines used around the world for extended immunization programmes are made in India” he added.

“Almost every child in the world has received a vaccine, made in India and that’s really important,” the doctor said.

“It means Indian companies put out a billion vaccines a year and that’s the kind of capacity we are going to need in order to get this vaccine to the people who need it all over the world not just to people in the United States and Europe, but Asia, India, and Africa. So are going to need companies who have the capacity and the know-how to make vaccines” he concluded.

Dr Jerome mentioned there is something we may be overlooking, going on to add that “India has great universities and a lot of very talented and intelligent people, a thriving biotech industry and all of those resources could be brought to bear on this, probably the greatest pandemic threat in the last 100 years. India has a lot to contribute”.

According to Dr Jerome, 98% of the people with COVID 19 infection eventually recover. India is in an early stage and what the government is doing hopefully could be effective to help limit the spread of COVID 19 in the population. The key is the careful monitoring of the testing and reporting of those tests back to the central government, a critical place where information can be gathered and shared and clear concise decisive messaging from a single source can be relayed to the Indian people.

Established in 1997, International Vaccine Institute (IVI) operates as an independent international organization under a treaty signed by 35 countries and the World Health Organization and is the world’s only international organization devoted exclusively to developing and introducing new and improved vaccines to protect the world’s poorest people.

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