DMK against civil rights amendment MK Stalin said the number of signatures so far has exceeded 2 crores.

DMK against civil rights amendment the signature movement is just beginning. In view of this, the DMK was standing near Tiruvallur Kamarajar statue yesterday Chairman MK Stalin made the signing public. Speaking at the event: –

We are living in a world where everyone is equal. But Modi has been doing the job since he came to power with the intention of not living equally.

The Government of India is strongly criticizing the legislation introduced in the European Union Parliament. This country is going to the point where another country can criticize our country. That is why we are on a journey of righteousness. We are planning and carrying out many struggles. We are holding a protest, human chain, fasting, and test. We are constantly making many resolutions.

2 crore public signed against CAA

We started the process by deciding to sign a million people. According to yesterday’s calculation, the manuscript exceeded Rs 2 crore. People understand the facts and know these horrors and come forward with their own signatures.

There are even some who are saying that this signature movement should be mocked and mocked. I humbly acknowledge that this signature movement is one of the cratic practices.