Internet service is being cut off to prevent the spread of violence. As a result, telecommunication companies are facing heavy losses.

Section 370 of the Special Status of Kashmir was abolished and public property was looted during the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act. The government has taken steps to shut down Internet services to prevent rumors from spreading. 

In Jammu and Kashmir, internet services have been disabled for more than 100 days. After 145 days, the Kargil area has been providing internet service since yesterday. Similarly, violence in the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act has resulted in restricted Internet service. 

There have been protests throughout the country over the past three weeks against the Citizenship Amendment Act. Thus, in order to curb the agitation, the government is ordering the telecommunication companies to shut down the internet service. 

At this point, telecommunication sources say that internet service malfunctions could cost telecommunications companies around Rs 2.5 crore per hour. According to data recently published by a Swedish telecommunications company, Indians worldwide are increasingly using the Internet. According to these data, on average, Indians use the internet at 9.8 GB per month.