90ml Movie Plot: Story revolves in where 4
Thamara, Kajal (Masoom Shankar), Paru (Sree Gopika) and Suganya (Monisha)  become friends and Oviya joins with them. Every their personal life experience which also includes sexual experience as life experience.

90ml Movie Review: Movie does’nt have any strong social message or Story line up. A Story and a Message was made around with some adult comedy. Its pure women based adult comedy movie which portraits women are equal to men in all aspects but movie shows only boozing and smoking. With such a social message like “Women are equal to men” story can be made far better. Movie like 90Ml are such a band impression to K’town industry.

STR completely played for the movie. Not all songs are sensational hit but it could manage to stay along with the movie and his cameo at the end was delightful for the audience. Movie managed to get 5.00Am shows in Chennai.

After the movie Oviya would expected lose a huge fan base in tamilnadu. 90

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