Maan Karate Sivakarthikeyan most remarkable movie in his career so far. Movies comedy Romance boxing based movie. Sivakarthikeyan plays lead role and Hansika Motwani Parasparam Satish plays the role.

Sivakarthikeyan falls in love with Anshika Motwani after seeing her. Do Sivakarthikeyan falls in love with Anushka Motwani There are several other use following to get approach and to love her Yogi Babu is also one among them. The fictional love story turns into serious movie after the second half.

Hansika Motwani diet plan of sports she wants to marry sports man. Sivakarthikeyan along with his friend Satish and tries to put him self as a boxer. Satish and his friends you want Sivakarthikeyan to participate in a boxing competition and defeat the existing boxer with the Rookie boxer Sivakarthikeyan.

Shiva knows that she couldn’t defeat the boxer he backs him to do withdraw the match. with no option Shiva at last fight against him and won the tournament. Movie is a combination of fictional stories Romance comedy. Maankarate has became a sensational hit in Kollywood town and in Shahbaz career become famous among the kids and fever become favourite hero for kids which made into 2 a superhero movie to attract kids.

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