South Indians high budget movie after Baahubali. Baahubali the historical film gained overwhelming response from all over the world. Now Shankar’s 2Point0 the Sequel of Enthiran. VFX played a major role in 2Point0. Though movie completely based technology it has a social message ” The World is not only for Humans”.


The Grand director’s dream project’s Sequel jus imagine the way it would have be. Shankar have directed only a few films but each and every film marks in Tamil Cinema. Luxury comes from his dream story. Every Character of his movie holds a strong position in Kollywood. Gentle Man, Indian, Aniyan, Shivaji, and Chiti.


The Unstoppable Superstar of South India though he’s 68 years old his acting skills never failed to entertain. In the Last 2 movies Kabali and Kala Rajinikanth acted almost as a Grandfather though people loved the way he did. He made and complete transformation in as an Robot. A Robot with Rajnikanth Mannerism is completely a action packed treat.

Akshay Kumar

Akshay most dedicated actor in Bollywood was roped into the movie because of his hard work and stunt skills. Akshay is not just a Villian he actually trying to save the planet. His acting skills are mind blowing though Akshay face are most of the time covered with make up and mask its impossible to hide his face reactions.


We could see VFX in almost all movies this movie completely based on VFX. The Company which agreed to work for the movie closed in half way without any prior notice which incurred a huge loss to the movie this delay would have extended upto to next year but fortunately completed in 2018. Every frames and details are worked properly standard. You would definitely experience a Hollywood movie.

3D Experience

Unlike all other 3d movie this movie completely shoot in 3d camera each shot was taken with 4 to 5 cameras to bring the real 3d experience for the audience 3D Shots could be feel throughout the movie.


Resul sound designer of the movie working for years to bring up the real sound feel for the movie. What would you experience? This technology will bring out the sounds not only from all directions will also bring sounds from previous seats. Yes most of the theatre installed speakers under the seats. You will watching the movie completely within the sound waves.

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