6 crore voters in Tamil Nadu: State Election Commission

There are 6 crore voters in Tamil Nadu. There are more than 7 lakh women in the country.

According to a press release issued by Chief Election Officer of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Satyaprata Sahu said: –

Voter list Special Summary Amendment 2020 Draft Voter List of Tamil Nadu currently has 6 crore thousand 329 voters Of these, 2 million 96 million 46 thousand 287 people. Women 3 crore 3 lakh 49 thousand 118. The third sex was 5,924. There are 7 lakhs 2 thousand 831 more women than men.

Cholinganallur constituency has the largest number of voters in the state with 6 lakh 46 thousand 73 electors. There are 3,25,028 males, 3,20,963 females and 82 third sexes in this constituency. The port constituency with 1 lakh 69 thousand 620 voters with the lowest number of voters. This includes 88,483 males, 81,087 females, and 50 third sexes.

Special camps will be held on January 4th, 5th, 11th, and 12th at the polling booths for the convenience of voters. These camps can be filled and submitted for voter list, deletion, correction and relocation forms.

As of January 22, this special summary amendment may submit the following forms to add, delete, edit and replace the voter list. Its details are as follows: –

* During office hours, polling station officer, voter registration officer, assistant voter registration officer can be provided.

* On special camping days, polling station officers can be provided at their respective polling places.

* Along with the application for name addition, proof of residential address and age must be submitted. Passport, Driving License, Aadhaar Card, Ration Card, Identity Card, Bank Account Book, PAN Card, Farmer Identity Card, RGI Card issued by the Government or Governmental Public Sector Employees NPR provided You can submit a copy of any smart card, latest drinking water, telephone, electricity, cooking gas connection receipt, as proof of address.

A copy of the birth certificate or a school certificate may be provided as age proof. Petitioners under the age of 25 are required to issue an age certificate. You can apply online through www.nvsp.in and through the ‘Voter Assistance’ Cell Phone Processor (VO-T-ER HE-LP LI-NE).

* Those who have completed 18 years of age and those who have not been named in the electoral register can apply for the nomination.

* If the voter’s name is on the voter’s list and his / her voter’s photo ID has been lost, you can apply for a Form 1 at the Regional Office or Regional Office.

* For the names of Indians living abroad to be added to the electoral register, you must submit the Form 6A to the concerned Voter Registration Officer or post to the Voter Registration Officer. When submitting the Form 6A to the Voter Registration Officer, the applicant should provide a photocopy of the applicant’s photocopy and other details along with photocopies of the relevant pages of the visa. The voter registration officer will verify the original passport and return it immediately. When sending a Form 6A mail, you must attach Xerox copies of the signed passport. It is stated thus.

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