Avengers Endgame Worlds most expected movie of the year even for the decade. Avengers endgame is the 22nd movie in Marvel Entertainment all these movies are interconnected to each other. Avengers is the 4th part in Marvel. Avenger, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame. Avengers Infinity war made all the fans to go out with a sad face. Avengers: Endgame will make them go out with tears that’s what the premier review refers.

Thanos wiped half of the universe regardless of all creatures including half of the Avengers. Now the Avengers going to face thanos one on one.

What is Infinity Stones?

During the Big Bang or creation of the universe, there was 6 Inifinty stone were sent to the universe. Infinity Stone, a Stone that as an infinite power on something. Each stone holds power on each Category.

  • Space
  • Reality
  • Power
  • Soul
  • Mind
  • Time

Space Stone – Tesseract a Cube that holds the Space stone. It can make person travel to any place in universe it as the ability to create black hole.
Location : Asgard( Thor’s Kingdom)

Reality – Stone that can change the reality of nature and turn anything into any format. Asgard one of the powerful kingdom in-universe like Earth ruled by Thor’s father Odinson. He decides not to have two Infinity stone together so gave it to the collector.
Location: Knowhere

Power Stone : Has the Ability to destroy anything with unlimited source of power. Thanos used this stone to scatter a moon and throwed on Iron Man.
Location: Nova Corps.

Soul Stone – Soul stone can deal with the soul of any living organisms. The ultimate power is stone unknown.
Location: Vormir

Mind Stone: Can control the Mind of any person with unlimited source to destroy anything. Tony Stark an Bruce banner made robot with source of the stone called Vision.
Location: Earth

Time Stone – Allows to make time travel change the future and past. Dr. Strange protects the stone from dark dimensions. Dr. Strange once saved earth from dormammu.
Location : Earth

Who is Thanos ?

Universe most deadliest Antagonist not sure he is good or bad his ideologies differs among common people. Thanos is from Planet called Titan When Titan face huge famine Thanos suggested a idea of Killing half of the planet regardless of any discrimination so that at least rest of the half can survey for more time. But his idea was disapproved Titan was totally dead with no one alive. Thanos decided to implement his ideologies no matter what stops him. He does for the favour of people of universe but killings is not universally accepted. So Thanos Created a universes biggest Army and invade planets and kills half of the peoples.

Thanos decides wipe half of the universe so he decides to collect all infinity stones . He invades Nova Corps and collects Power stone. With the help of Power Stone he destroys Thor’s Ships and kills all of the Asgard people and collects Space Stone. Then Visits Collector and acquires Reality stone. With help of Reality stone Thanos came to know the location where Soul stone is kept. Thanos Sacrificed his daughter Gamora to get the soul stone. After Collecting 4 Infinity stone Thanos reached Titan were Dr. Strange along with Iron Man, Spider Man and Guardian of Galaxy waiting for Thanos. All of them tried to remove Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos but failed. Thanos at one on one fight killed Iron Man (Tony Stark). Dr. Strange had a deal with Thanos to spare Tony Stark life for Time Stone. Thanos with all 5 Infinity stone reached earth and took infinity stone from Vision and by a snap wiped half of the living organisms.

Why Thanos waited for so long time ?

Thanos waited for some reason to so he spends enough time get the stones. Thanos Gave Mind stone to Ronan get the Tesseract from the earth. Ronan gave the same stone to Loki(Thor’s Brother) and also a huge army to invade Earth and failed.

Tesseract was with Asgard under the protection of Odinson ( Thor’s Father). It is impossible for Thanos to defeat Odinson EGO the living planet the undefeatable planet and also father of Peter Quill (Lead of Guardian of Galaxy). Nova Corps Earth-like planet who has a strong army Ronan once tried to invade Nova Corps and failed. Location of Soul Stone remains Unknown.

Odinson was dead after he was send to earth by Loki.
EGO was killed by Peter quill.
Nova Corps was weak of the invasion attempt by Ronan.
Gamora finds the place where Soul stone is kept.

Who is Captain Marvel ?

A Very few of you don’t know who is Captain Marvel coz she appeared in only one Movie, A movie just after Infinity war. Captain Marvel Jet fighter from in an attempt to destroy them Tesseract and save it from Kree She was exposed to the power of the Space stone and gets unlimited powers. She was Half Human and Hal Kree. Her location remains unknown. She visits many planets and Saves Universe

What Will happen in EndGame?

At One End Thanos with all infinity stones remains Most Powerful person in the entire universe. On the Other hand half of the Avengers and GOG dead. Captain America, Thor, Bruce Banner, Hulk, Black Widow, War Machine, and Ant-Man in Earth along with Captain Marvel in Earth don’t know what to do next. Tony Stark and Nebula in Space trying to reach Earth without food and water. How they managed to meet up.

  • How Tony Stark Reaches Earth ?
  • Why Very few goes to Space ?
  • Where is Tony when everyone rides in jet ?
  • What does the white suit refers Quantum Realm or Time Travel?
  • Any Avengers Die ?
  • What did Captain Marvel do ?

With all question Avengers End Game releasing on 26th of April lets watch

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