Election Commission of India announced that Assembly Elections for Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Mizoram, Rajasthan and Telangana will be held from November 12 to December 7. Results will be announced on December 11 2018.

Polling Dates

  • Chhattisgarh Phase 1 November 12, 2018
  • Chhattisgarh Phase 2 November 20, 2018
  • Madhya Pradesh November 28, 2018
  • Mizoram November 28, 2018
  • Rajasthan December 7, 2018
  • Telangana December 7, 2018

Chhattisgarh is the only state to get the election in 2 phase. It contains a total of 90 seats out of 90 Phase 1 as 18 seat and phase 2 has 72 seats. 18  seats are Naxal affected constitutions they are in the southern part of the state, those seats to get the election on November 12th. while the remaining 72 other constitution will be covered on the 2nd phase on November 20th.

Madhya Pradesh and Mizoram will get the election on same date November 28, 2018, both states will have the election in single phase Madhya Pradesh have 236 and Mizoram have 40 seats.

Rajasthan and Telangana selection on December 7, 2018, in a single phase. Rajasthan has 200 seats and Telangana has 119 seats. Election Commission will visit Mizoram and Telangana within next 15 days to review the preparedness.

Election code of conduct came into force from the time of the announcement in all five states.

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