A committee by retired Judge Tarun Agarwal has been set to find whether to start Sterlite factory or not. Committee has started an investigation bench in Chennai around 4 lakh petitions have been submitted to not to open Sterlite factory once again, likewise, 1,10,000 petitions have been submitted to reopen factory.

These petitions submitted by lorry drivers owners labours direct and indirect workers fishermen of the Sterlite factory.

MDMK general secretary Mr Vaiko, AS Arjun from Marxist Communist Party members from various parties and associations are submitted their petitions yesterday.

They have also made a complaint that goes 110000 petitions submitted in favouring Sterlite factory was made in a single room. The advocate of Sterlite factory claims that petitions were original and Aadhar Card proof of those petitioners attached with them.

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