2PointO Not just a movie. Its an extraordinary thing for Tamil Cinema as well Indian Cinema. Movie made topmost leading personalities in the in Industry Rajnikanth, Shankar, AR Rahaman, and Lyca Production. Film budget crossed around 500+cr. Movie based on the impact of Cellphone on humans aswell birds and animals a small social messagefull movie with a Grand 3D effect.

2PointO 3D effects are stunnig the audience. Hardwork of the Crew and cast can be feeled in each and every shots of the movie. though the movie’s major portion based on the VFX directors and crew hardwork can be feeled. The VFX company with agreed to work for 2PoinO closed the Company and canceled the agreement between 2PointO. Team 2PointO spent around 50+cr in extra to complete the remaining VFX with another company. Which made the production company to invest very less amount in promotions.

Unlike the Superhero movies in Hollwood 2PointO have enoungh quality to join the race. There few flaw shots that dosen’t brings a big deal while watching such a Grand Movie.
Rajnikanth mannerisim and robotic acting its just an epic way. This man never ages.
Akshay Kumar as Villian has nailed with each and every expression. A portion this man just turns his eyes and looks Chiti that was just a awesome.

Big Rating 4.80/5

Suresh Kumar

As Senior Medical Advisor in Access healthcare, Suresh straddles the neighbourly but often fender-bending worlds of reporting and editing. He will narrate any story as long as it is packed with irony and...

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