2Point0 Starring Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson, Directed by Sun Pictures and Produced by Lyca Productions. The estimated budget of the movie crossed around 550cr. Movie also released in Hindi as well to reach as much as audiences all over the India. Hindi version of the movie alone collects around 130cr on day 7. 2Point0 smashed all the previous records of the movies. Within a week movie collects around 500cr worldwide. Bahubali 2 holds the strongest ever opening in Indian. 2Point0 is completely opposite ti Baahubali. Karan Johar the color distributor in Hindi shared the official numbers today with lots of excitement.

Karan Johar in a recent tweet “CREATING HISTORY! #2Point0 continues its stride as a mega blockbuster, collects 500cr worldwide!,A box office PHENOMENA!!!! 500 crores worldwide!!!!! We at @DharmaMovies are so proud to be associated with the HINDI version of this movie marvel!!!! “.

2point0 is not a Rajinikanth movie or Akshay Kumar movie. Both leading stars are become part of the movie only. Akshay Kumar as a antagonist nailed his performance in each and every frame. Rajinikanth as a Robot did a realistic performance. His performance as a Robot looks even better than Robo 1. Rajinikanth comes as 3 different robots and delivers three different performance. Chitti – Calm and Intelligent, Red Chitti – Arrogant and Highly Intellectual and Chutti 3.0 the funny Microbot.

Amy Jackson as a female robot who assist Dr. Vaseegaran. Simply performance as a robot but realistic. There was no extra mask on Amy to show as robot still she’s a realistic robot.

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