Professor Sakthi Vayapuri said that 10 thousand people die annually due to snakebite in Tamil Nadu.

Snakebite is a major problem in developing countries like India. Worldwide, about half a million people suffer from snakebites every year. Of these, one million and 50 thousand people die.

About 50 thousand people die annually from snakebite in India. Many cases of snakebite are not recorded in hospitals. According to our study, 10 thousand people die of snakebite every year in Tamil Nadu alone.

In India, there are three types of snakes, namely, glass, virgin, and curly. But many people die from lack of drugs for snakebite in government and private hospitals.

In rural areas, people suffer from snake bites. But many people die from lack of medication at primary health centers and travel long distances for treatment.