Growing digital world digital widens its wing more than anything. Youtube plays a vital role in digital media. we all aware of youtube channels if u are Tamil and u really spend a lot of time in online you should never miss this channels for unlimited fun, satire, social news, and even politics.

1. Put Chutney
With more than 7lac subscribers Put Chutney tops in the list. Put Chutney made the channel in a most professional manner. They make well know for their funny videos, Celebrity interviews, Movie Promotions, web series, and Social messages. Raj Mohan one well know for is Tamil fluency is known for the Social message. Put Chutney even aired on Vijay TV.

2. Nakkalites

Best known for their political Satire videos, funny videos, Troll videos, and Alaparaigal series. Nakkallites brings you a native feel. One of the best channel that does political satire in a most elegant way rather trolling political leaders they make sense of the show.

3.Eruma Saani

More than 1 Millions subscribers Earuma Sani delivers most funny videos and social message videos. Eruma Saani purely based on funny video and aims to entertain their subscribers.

4. Parithabangal

Gop & Sudhakar know for their funny combo and political satire. Expertise in imitating political leaders and making a funny video of them. Parithabangal even does unfamiliar movie review with show name as ” Why Blood, Same Blood”.

5. 1kg Briyani

With only 3lac subscribers group few youngsters running a channel in the name of 1kg Briyani. You can find funny videos and troll videos and also making a movie review in the name of FDFS review.

6. Sothanaigal

Emerging youngsters with funny and troll videos. Not really making a big budget video but short videos with energetic videos.


7. Smile Settai

Smile Settai a big group of members working on to make funny videos, political satire, movie reviews, and celebrity interviews. Smile Settai in recently hosted a Stage Drama called Navarasa Nayagan with RJ Vignesh as a lead role and all other Smile Settai crew members. Smile Settai even conductsana annual award show for youtube channels.


8. Let’s Make Engineering Simple

LMES one among the fewest tamil education youtube channel. LMES aims to understand engineering concepts in a most realistic way and also explains engineering in real time basis. LMES even conducts events to educate students.


9. Black Sheep

Black Sheep one of the partner channel of Smile Settai. Black Sheep is entertaining more than 1million subscribers. A team works on various concepts and entertains viewers in all aspects. It is one of the few channels trying Prank shows.



10. Madras Central

One with the highest number of subscribers among all the above share widest range of funny videos. Channel gets a new face after losing Gopi and Sudhakar to Parithanbanl Channel yet Madras central never fails to entertain their subscribers.



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